UMD Ergonomic Kids Fully Adjustable Study Chair & Study Table (Free Installation)

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- fully ergonomic design including the back seat and height adjustment; the height of the chair can be adjusted by the range of 20cm, this chair fits kids from 4 years old to 17 years old. totally there are 9 levels for the height. and with the large range of height flexibility, this chair can be used togher with most of the normal height tables of 70-75cm height. the ergonomic backrest design gives kids max protection of their spines and posture. the chair back also enjoys height adjustment of 20cm. the 105 degrees of neutral position of the back reflects the optimal angle for the kids when sitting. 
- whole chair no sharp edges, max safety for kids; especially the well-designed armrest, gives our kids maximum comfort for long hour sitting. 
- extra free set of cover for hygiene purpose: we know kids tend to make chairs dirty easily; so we have included another fully fitted cover for the seat absolutely free.