UMD High-Back Full Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair with Free Installation

UMD High-Back Full Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair with Free Installation

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-Highly Ergonomic Design, adjustable backrest at different angles brings the optimum position for your various daily work activities or tasks, either you are typing on the computer where you can choose upright position, or you want to recline to relax or take a short snapping for a while, you got all different back recline angles you need; adjustable 4D hand rest gives you the flexibility of height setting to bring maximum comfort for your elbows when working on computer; the rotational function of armrests brings additional ergonomic feature of chairs; the inward and outward movement of armrests caters to various distances you prefer from your body to your desk.

-Our well-calibrated lumbar support gives maximum lumbar support for long hour sitting to avoid back pain; our numerous customers feedback that the lumbar supports are extremely comfortable and support back so well even for whole day sitting.

-The adjustable headrest will address the different upper body heights of users; so u can always find a optimal position of the headrest to fit your neck support, especially when you are leaning back to have a rest.

-Full Mesh for Max Heat Penetration; premium Taiwan-made nano mesh for maximum durability; our warranty exceptionally covers the mesh as well, so now you even don't need to worry about whether the mesh will break apart or break off from frame after some time of usage.